Hydraulic heater

HeatProbe is a unique patented product developed in Canada, where cold winters are for real.
HeatProbe heats up your hydraulic oil with the help of your engine coolant! The coolant passes through internal pipes which are connected to external flanges, so it works like a radiator. Use it with your on-call diesel heater!
Are you a operator of a crane, excavator, loader? Then you would know what a pain cold hydraulic oil can be!

HeatProbe can of course be used for biodiesel, there is also special versions for Ad-Blue.

Here's the range:

Model        Length          Diameter
HP–1004    100 mm/4"     1"
HP–1006    150 mm/6"     1"
HP–1008    200 mm/8"     1"
HP–1012    300 mm/12"   1"
HP–1016    400 mm/16"   1"
HP–2008    200 mm/8"     2"
HP–2012    300 mm/12"   2"
HP–2015    375 mm/15"   2"
HP–2018    450 mm/18"   2"
HP–2020    500 mm/20"   2"
HP–2024    600 mm/24"   2"
HP–2030    750 mm/30"   2"
HP–2036    900 mm/36"   2"

HP–S1 1" steel adapter
HP–S2 2" steel adapter
HP–A2 2" aluminium adapter

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