Machine Broom

Vee-Broom is a unique broom on the market thanks to its patented "V"-design at the front. This means that material does not spill out on the sides. Perfect for work on farms, warehouses, demolition yards etc.


Can be used for debris, metal, sand, soil, water, snow etc. Excellent result on grass! There is a huge amount of places where the Vee-Broom will shine: farms, landscaping work, demolition name it - it'll sweep it!

Vee-Broom has no rotary or moving parts which means ther's no debris, stones etc flying around. You can therefore use SweepEx right next to people, animals, buildings cars.

Small investment, HUGE results!. The bristles aren't worn out until after 600km!
No need to pay others to clean/ sweep after your job.

Absolute minimal amount of dust during sweeping, good for your machine and its filters, and good for YOU and your lungs!. Doesn't dirty the surroundings.

Enables you to complete your task fast.

We offer Vee-Broom in the following models:

13–1500 1500mm 145kg
13–1800 1800mm 155kg
13–2400 2400mm 205kg
13–3000 3000mm 300kg
13–3600 3600mm 320kg
13–4800 4800mm 420kg

Vee-Broom has 13 rows of bristles.
Fork hitch is standard.
GSV–200 Quick Fork hitch, locks the forks with a sprint. Enables sweeping while reversing.
SWR–200 EURO-hitch.
KBV–200 Hitch for use with bales.
PKV–200 3-point hitch.

We can also deliver bespoke products on request.

Broom Vee-broom is easy to hitch up on the forks.
Vee-broom Awesome for grain!
Borste Vee-Broom is rugged, a few bumps is not a problem!